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Rye Shutters Fit Perfectly

The Davenports from Rye, East Sussex wrote to tell us how much they love their new kitchen shutters. DIY Shutters were perfect for with Mr Davenport having no problem in turning his hand to home improvement. As he tells us…

“We were completely redoing our dressing room and looked around for curtains without finding any material that we particularly liked, reluctant to spend substantial money on 'acceptable' material only to end up replacing at a later date when we saw something we liked. Having seen shutters in a few places around town we thought they would look smart and make a refreshing change. Privacy is only an issue at night so we intend opening the shutters during the day, using them like curtains. We Googled the internet and came up with a number of companies that supplied shutters, yours included. We chose your company because the price was competitive, the ordering process was straightforward (with the view of actual as below) and your delivery time fitted with our schedule.

April 02, 2014

Mr D, you’re just the sort of customer we love to hear from. The 4 sided Z frame is an option some customers prefer as for shutters mounted at the front of the recess, it gives a magnetic fixing on the bottom as well as the top. Also, I see from your photos you added handles to the shutter panels. This has worked well and the beauty of the simple shutter lines is that if you want to add latches or catches to the front of the shutters you can do so, to match your taste and style.