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Odd Shaped Shutters Used in Converted Church Windows Rennovation

An old converted church makes for a wonderful, unusual home, but with tall odd shaped windows, often unusually tall, what kind of window covering do you choose? Sarah from Shrewsbury contacted us  for help. She sent in photos of her windows for us to see where she could possibly fit the shutters. We provided her with ideas and examples and marked up where she could measure from to get an accurate fit for her bespoke shutters.

She loved her Shutters so much, she is now looking to install more plantation shutters throughout the property as she explains below:

I have attatched pictures of the shutters in my Shrewsbury converted Church that I have eventually got up in my kitchen! As I said to you on the phone I am so pleased with them.

Living in an unusual property we have such huge windows, I was really baffled as to what I could do to cover them.

When I stumble across The Shutter Store website after searching for 1 on google, I had a look at these customer stories and found out that lots of customers have similar issues. I contacted you to see if you could take a look at photos of my windows to offer some advice and from the first point of contact you were all excellent.

The shutters on my windows acheive exactly the look i was after and they really do help stop the drafts which are something you would expect in a converted church.

The arched windows are my sons bedroom and he thinks he wants exactly the same as the kitchen, but arched , rather than sunburst. Same colour..everything.
I hope you can see them well enough in the photos, if not I can try again. They are big windows again so any suggestions by you would be good. they are also drafty.

April 02, 2014

Hi Sarah

We are so pleased that you love your window shutters. I think they look great and they are really in keeping with the look of the property. I love the half solid shutter look you have chosen and think they look very striking in your unusual property.

We look forward to assisting you with your arched shutters and seeing how they look when they are finished!