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Lees London Shutters

Lee from London was set on shutters from when he first saw then in a feature in a home interest magazine. As shutters have started to become more popular over the past few years, more magazines have had shutters in their features and this is where Lee first got the idea for plantation shutters for his bay window.

“After I saw plantation shutters on a bay window, I knew that other window coverings such as curtains or wood blinds were not what I wanted. I guess from that very first photo I saw, I had a clear idea of the look I wanted to create for the room and I didn’t veer from this vision! Fortunately, I could not be happier with the end result and the shutters are absolutely perfect!

I didn’t consider having a shutters company carry out the installation for me and felt that the installation would be pretty straightforward. I must say that I found your website exceptionally easy to use and was packed with useful information which made measuring the windows for shutters really easy. There were no real problems but I was slightly unsure at first where to measure.

This was easily solved when I talked through the details over the phone with you. The girl on the phone was very helpful and sent me a link with the right shutters measure guide for my windows. I then received the shutters about 6 weeks from when I placed the order. They were easy to install and I would recommend them to anyone. They’re great quality and look fantastic!”

April 02, 2014

Thanks Lee. Glad to hear you enjoyed working with us, but more importantly that you are enjoying your new shutters. Tier on Tier shutters work exceptionally well and are very popular with our customers as they enable you to open the top panels independently from the lower panels. The white finish also works well in your room as you can then decorate however you like and the shutters will still work.