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Jacqueline Followed Shutter Installation Instructions For an Easy Fit

Jacqueline found installing her Cheshire shutters a breeze. She followed all the instructions and was surprised to find out just how easy shutter installation really is.

Jacqueline considered curtains as a window covering. but decided that the clean lines complimented her windows, and the poplar wood shutters really show off her lovely big bedroom window.

"Whilst looking at a home tyle website i noticed an article about shutters.

I had considered curtains as a window covering, but my neighbour has shutters and they look like an ideal solution for greater privacy and cleaner lines.

There were no challenges I had to overcome, I read through the Shutter Store website and was pleased to see the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I knew how important it was to check my measuring.

The plain white poplar shutters look great in the bedroom, they compliment the decor of the rooms and show off our windows.

The shutters are lovely to llok at and were so surprisingly easy to install. I'm OK at DIY but no expert, and even i was able to put them up in a few hours. I was so pleased with the results when I'd done the first one that I finished the job on the day they were delivered!"

April 02, 2014

Our shutters arrive in seperate sections, shutter panels, shutter frame pieces and hardware. The Shutter Store Shutters are so easy to install that our customer return to us time and time again. Even if you were to get stuck during your shutter installation, not only do we have full instructions on the website, but we are also in the office on the phones ready to offer help and advice.

We're so glad you found the experience easy and hassle free Jacqueline. It certainly inspires confidence in our other customers when they ready a story like yours. They look great, I'm not sure I believe you when you say you're no DIY expert!