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Hallway Shutters gives us Star Appeal

Mrs Tait was always proud of her huge hallway and entrance to her home, that is exactly why she bought the property 25 years ago. She loves the huge window standing proud next to the staircase up to the bedrooms. For years Mrs Tait had massive brown velvet drapes up at this window but always felt it was too heavy and a bit of a dust collector. On landing from the USA from her yearly holiday she decided it was time for a change and have wooden window shutters on the stairs……

“I have always loved my light hallway especially the large picture window adjacent to the stairs which gave us so much light. Well I thought it gave us light until I discovered DIY shutters in California on holiday. I realised I could have hallway shutters installed and get rid of the dusty drapes and let in even more light by adjusting the shutters slats or by folding the shutter panels back.  The staff were so helpful and willing to help a novice like me understand all the terminology and dynamics of measuring and installing this superb plantation shutter product. My hallway shutters arrived on time and were easy to install by my local tradesman. I can honestly say that plantation shutters on the stairs have totally transformed my hallway and now I feel like Alexa Carrington from Dynasty every time I come down in the morning or go up to bed at night. I just love them and feel my hallway shutters have given my home star appeal. Thanks so much!…….”

April 02, 2014

What a lovely story and we are so pleased that you like your new hallway window dressing. Getting rid of dusty drapes is always worthwhile especially if you suffer from asthma or any dust allergies. Shutters are easy to keep clean using a damp cloth and allow in as much light as you want by simply adjusting the slatted louvres. We cannot wait for the picture you promised us with you in the shoulder pad Dynasty outfits. Enjoy your shutters Mrs Tait.