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Glasgow Shutters an Angled Ceiling Shutters Conundrum

Karl and Clare from Glasgow originally considered blinds rather than shutters for their windows. They decided against blinds when they saw our information on our shutters.

They figured that due to their angled ceilings, shutters would have a bit more felxibility as a window covering

"We originally considered blinds for our angled ceilings shutters but when we visited our local stores to have a look at some blinds, we saw some information leaflets on The Shutter Store range of shutters. Shutters in Glasgow were not something we had considered looking for, so we decided to investigate shutters for our Glasgow home.

We live in an 18th Century  building conversion, and the windows are 10ft sash windows. The measuring was fun, as the window sill has an angle on it. So as my father always said measure twice cut once..

So I called the helpline just to confirm I was doing it right

We chose white shutters. White goes with the rest of our double vaulted living room and just looks crisp.. 64mm was the slat size the windows could hold that size due to the overall size of the windows We went for a cafe style shutter as the top half of our windows are frosted and looks great it give the room more of a focal point."

April 02, 2014

"Thanks for that Clare the shutters really are  focal point in the room. The whole design of the room is modern and fresh. We hope to see more Glasgow shutters popping up now that everyone can see yours."