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Dormer Window Shutters

This Shutter Store customer in Doncaster found their shutters for their dormer window easy to measure and install via our online shutter shop. As PG from Doncaster told us

"My dormer window had curtains before and they tool up a lot of space on the window. Shutters on the Dormer are much better and ensure the glass area is nice and clear"

April 02, 2014

These 1dormer window shutters in a house in Doncaster have proved to our customer just how easy to install DIY shutters are. With simple measuring & installation guides it is possible to fit plantation shutters to virtually any window. With a variety of shutter frame options these shutter panels have been moved away from the window with a deeper frame so that the handles on the windows do not obstruct the shutter slats.

These white shutters have 64mm slats and a concealed pushrod system making the shutters look very modern and unfussy. They have been installed using a 3 sided frame so that when the panels are folded back away from the window there is a clear view out of the window with nothing on the window sill.
The ‘open sky’ concealed pushrods also give a clear view through the slats when they are open. All in all plantation shutters are a perfect option for this window. They are clean, functional and give the room the appearance of being bigger that if they were fitted with dusty old curtains!