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Plantation Shutters - Your Questions Answered

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked questions about our plantation shutters. Please click the question below to reveal the answer.

If you have any questions unanswered, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

  • Which brand of shutters does The Shutter Store sell?

    We sell shutters exclusively made by the worlds largest shutter company. Nienmade (or Norman Shutters as they are known in the US) have industry leading shutters manufacturing facilities, use a variety of top grade composite and hardwoods to construct their shutters and have a quality of product that is second to none. This enables us to offer customers a wide product range. We sell MDF shutters, waterproof ABS and Phoenix wood plantation shutters. All ranges are exactly the same as sold via many other retailers in the UK, but we sell at a much lower price by virtue of being online.
  • Can I visit a showroom to see your shutters?

    We do not have any showrooms directly accessible to the public. This is because we keep our operating costs as lean as possible and a showroom costs money to staff and operate. However, we sell exactly the same shutters as the majority of other UK shutter companies therefore the product you have more than likely seen already is exactly the same as ours.
  • How long will my order take?

    Our Classic MDF, Waterproof ABS & Phoenix Hardwood plantation shutters come with a choice of delivery times to suit your needs and budget. Standard UK delivery takes 8-10 weeks once you have confirmed your order with an advisor. Express UK delivery takes just 3-4 weeks from your confirmation. If you are ordering for delivery outside of the UK please allow a little longer to recieve your order. Further details are available on our delivery info page.
  • How much will the delivery cost me?

    Shutters have a low cost £19.95 if you choose Standard Delivery Option or there is an additional £75.00 per m2 (min £150) if you choose Express Delivery Option. This applies to all addresses in the UK. Overseas orders will incur an additional charge and our team can give you an indication of this cost prior to placing an order.
  • Where are the plantation shutters made?

    We manufacture our shutters in China at one of the most advanced shutter factories in the world. All of our plantation shutter ranges (Phoenix Hardwood shutters, Classic MDF shutters and ABS Waterproof shutters) are then shipped to us in the UK and delivered on to you.
  • How is Sarah Beeny connected to The Shutter Store?

    Sarah is actively involved in The Shutter Store, following her use of shutters in projects and her love of shutters in Rise Hall. We work closely to ensure we can offer our customers a high quality product at an exceptionally low price.
  • I am nervous ordering shutters online. What happens if I make a mistake when ordering?

    This is what sets us apart from other shutter companies. We call every single customer on receipt of an order. Nothing goes into production until we are sure you have understood the guides on our websites. We welcome customer’s digital photos: in order that we get a full understanding of your window design. Where necessary we discuss changes needed to the order before production begins.
  • What happens if my shutters are wrong, don’t fit or arrive damaged?

    We do everything in our power to ensure that the shutters you receive will arrive in perfect condition and that you will have a hassle free installation. In the event of transit damage or if there is a quality issue from manufacturing, we are delighted to offer a “no quibble” free replacement. Remember we provide comprehensive measuring guides on our site and we call you to check the order detail is 100% correct before we begin. Unfortunately there is always the possibility that you (the customer) will read the measure tape incorrectly, and on this occasion you must take the responsibility. Thankfully this is rare and as always we are happy to work with you to find a possible solution or assist with a remake order. measuring guides
  • What arrives with my order?

    Everything you need will be supplied with your order. Shutters are supplied with a custom built frame and all the hardware you require. Check out our installation guides for shutters to see how the process works. You will need a spirit level, drill and good quality steel measure tape in order to measure and install our shutters.
  • What is the guarantee period?

    All shutters come with a 36month guarantee.
  • How can I get a price for my shutters?

    To make things easy we price our shutters by the square meter. Simply enter the width and the height of your window into the quick quote tool and we will show you instantly how much our standard shutters cost in each range. There is an additional charge for custom colour and special shaped shutters and a 10% addition should you choose the hidden rod design shutters.No extra charges for tier on tier panels. Prices shown in the quote do not include our delivery charges( please see our delivery page) but your quote does include all taxes.
  • Can I pay someone to fit my shutters?

    The low prices we offer are possible because we carry fewer overheads than a shutter installation company offering a measure and fit service. We supply the shutters prehinged, with all magnets and magnet plates in position & we can even pre drill the holes in the frames ready for a straight forward installation. However if you really prefer not to do any of the DIY a local handyman may be a good option for you to consider ( installation really is easy).